23 Features the Next iPhone Must Have!

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1. Voice recognition
2. MMS texting
3. Faster processor
4. Lighter weight
5. Scratch-resistant on the back and on the Iphone logo
6. Removable and replaceable battery
7 Video recording
8. Flash compatibility
9. 3.2 or higher megapixel camera
10. Flash and zoom in for camera
11. Larger digital keyboard
12. Higher resolution screen
13. OLED
14. Voice recording
15. Built in IM
16. Cut, copy, and paste
17. Forward texts
18. Making songs the ringtone
19. Editing word and excel files
20. You should allow us to shake the Iphone up and down to get to email, shake it left and right to go to internet, etc.
21. High quality live TV
22. Ability to turn off auto-correction
23. Make the Iphone learn words like T9 on basic cell phones

A lot of it are just things that normal, basic, even the simplest cell phones today have but Apple just could not figure it out so why not lend them a hand.

Post a comment if you have any other things you would like them to add to their awesome cell phone and I might just add it here, too!

iPhone 3G Video Converter

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Videora.com has the latest and best video converter for the iPhone and iPods.

iPhone 3G Video Converter

Cracked Iphone Games and Applications

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IPhonedownloadBlog.com has an updated list of cracked Iphone games and applications. I found found excellent websites that have all of these cracked games and applications although they are in Russian; but it is very easy to figure out or you can use Google's Translator. Just type in the search box the game/application you are looking for.

Translated version of http://idownloads.ru

Translated version of http://ihacks.ru

The password to open their files is either http://idownloads.ru or http://ihacks.ru

Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.1

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Apple recently released iTunes 8.0.1 yesterday (October 3, 2008). There are numerous bug fixes.

"iTunes 8.0.1 improves stability and performance and provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

• Seamlessly plays the current song when creating a new Genius playlist.

• Improves syncing spoken menus to iPod nano.

• Addresses an issue of deleting HD TV episodes when downloading.

• Improves checking for updates from the App Store

• Improves accessibility with Windows.

• Addresses problems syncing Genius results to iPod.

• Addresses a blue screen error on Windows Vista when connecting iPod to your computer."